Bulk THC-Free CBD for Wholesale

Did you know that THC-free CBD oils offer all the same powerful CBD health benefits with zero THC? If you're interested in the remarkable benefits of CBD, but don't want any of the "high" that's associated with recreational cannabis, then THC-free CBD products may be right for you.

At Hemp Corp, we believe that the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis Sativa should be available to everyone with none of the THC, hassle-free, and with no guesswork required. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a wide range of high-quality THC-free CBD oil products spanning different forms, potencies, and concentrations.

What is THC-Free CBD Oil?

As the name suggests, THC-free CBD oil refers to any form of CBD oil or powder that has undergone a THC-removal process.

CBD oil (which derives from the hemp plant) is naturally abundant in THC, so some of this THC may remain in the hemp oil extracts even after refinement and purification. Even though unfiltered hemp oils may contain trace amounts of THC, the amount will be so negligible that you wouldn't experience any of the psychoactive effects associated with recreational cannabis use.

At Hemp Corp, we make sure all of our hemp and CBD oil products are compliant with the legal THC limit. The Farm Bill Act of 2018 states that CBD products with less than 0.3% THC by weight are legally allowed to sell in all 50 states. We implement advanced THC-remediation processes to ensure any residual THC is wholly removed and rendered undetectable by our testing machinery. This ensures the product complies with the legal THC limit and guarantees a pure, clean, CBD product with no risk of psychoactivity.

What is CBD?

Need a crash course on CBD? Let's rewind.

CBD (cannabidiol) is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant and has no psychoactive effects. In fact, CBD has recently been shown to block the effects of THC in the nervous system.

People take CBD because of its wide-reaching health benefits. There are well over 100 different cannabinoid compounds and counting, but CBD as an individual component is the most well-known. CBD is also the most well-studied of the cannabinoids, with known therapeutic and medicinal benefits such as improved sleep, relief from depression and anxiety, and pain relief.

New CBD research is being conducted every year, and we are continuing to discover new and novel uses for this remarkable plant compound.

What is THC?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary active cannabinoid in cannabis (marijuana). When ingested, THC is the compound responsible for the telltale psychoactive effects associated with recreational marijuana use — the sensation of being "high."

Some of our full-spectrum CBD products do contain negligible amounts of naturally-occurring THC. We also offer THC-versions for all extracts and concentrates for those who prefer 100% THC-free products and ingredients.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, or hemp extract, is a CBD-rich oil derivative made from the stalks, stems, leaves, or flowers from the hemp plant.

Here's how it's made: Hemp oil is first extracted by macerating the ground, raw industrial hemp plant matter in a solvent solution. The solvent then gently "pulls out" or removes the essential hemp oils from the plant. The initial crude hemp oil extraction contains the complete plant profile of natural compounds, including terpenes, cannabinoids, waxes, lipids, flavonols, and other residual plant chemicals.

You may have noticed the words "cannabis" and "hemp" seem to be used as synonyms on the internet. Let's clear up the misconception right here: Yes, cannabis and hemp both derive from Cannabis Sativa, but while they share the same species name, they differ in some pretty significant ways.

For starters, unlike marijuana, hemp doesn't produce a significant amount of THC. It still makes the molecule, but typically only in negligible amounts. And even then, consuming THC in its natural raw form doesn't have an intoxicating effect.

Second, cannabis contains less than 0.15% CBD content on average. Contrast that with hemp, which is naturally abundant in rich CBD content averaging between 12% - 18% pure CBD.

How is THC-Free CBD Oil Made?

THC-free CBD oil is made the same way as any other CBD oil. The only difference is the THC-removal stage.

Unrefined (or crude) hemp oil is first extracted from the hemp plant. As you learned earlier, in this crude form, there may be trace amounts of THC present, in addition to other naturally-occurring cannabinoids (i.e., CBC, CBG, CBG) and various terpenes.

From there, the hemp oil can be processed in a variety of ways to remove all residual THC.

Here are a few methods we use at Hemp Corp to isolate and separate THC from our CBD oil mixtures:

  • THC remediation chromatography — Through a process of flash chromatography, we can separate the THC components from CBD and other cannabinoids for a THC-free oil.

  • CBD isolation — Hemp Corp's isolation services consist of the purification and crystallization of CBD, free of all other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and THC.

  • CBD distillation — Our distillation processes allow us to produce hundreds of kilograms of CBD distillate a day. Thanks to advances in short-path distillation equipment, we're now able to separate compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fats, waxes, and THC.

As you can see, there are a few ways to remove THC from CBD oil altogether.

Our CBD isolate is the cleanest, most pure form of THC-free CBD oil — it is a high-quality CBD ingredient with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or THC. CBD isolate is cannabidiol at its absolute purest.

What's the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad-Spectrum CBD, and THC-Free CBD?

Because there is no standardized terminology (or regulation) used throughout the CBD industry, many popular "buzz-worthy" terms are used interchangeably. Understandably, this is causing some real market confusion, and often these terms will be misused flatout when describing CBD products for sale.

Here's what you should know about the three most common categories of CBD oils:

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum products likely contain THC, albeit in legally-compliant amounts (< 0.3%). Full-spectrum CBD also tends to hold the majority of naturally-occurring plant compounds found in hemp oil. Consumers enjoy full-spectrum CBD because it provides a more "rustic" unfiltered product and contains all of the original hemp plant's natural components. This synergy of compounds is often called the "entourage effect." It's the idea that consuming hemp oil closer to its natural source provides a more significant holistic benefit than a more refined product.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum refers to CBD products that are THC-free or with non-detectable THC levels (ND levels). Either way, if you see "broad spectrum" on the label, that is a good sign that it doesn't contain THC.

But if you really want to be sure your CBD oil does not contain THC, look for a product that says...


If you want to be sure your product contains 0% THC, as in pass-a-drug-test sure, then look for THC-free on the label.

While these are the three prevailing classes of CBD products, none of these terms are standardized in the CBD industry. The FDA is currently developing guidelines and regulations. Still, until they're implemented, it's up to you to look for proof (whether on the label or evidence of lab testing on the website) of purity, quality, and THC content.

What Makes THC-Free CBD the Ideal Choice for Consumers?

Although CBD use has been legalized across the country, many consumers are still concerned about the possibility of "getting high" from CBD products.

Naturally, the amount of THC you might find in a full-spectrum CBD product wouldn't be enough for you to experience a psychoactive effect. The amount is too trivial for there to be a noticeable or even measurable psychological effect.

Still, with such a large market for CBD goods, consumers don't want to risk it. And they don't have to.

Thanks to innovations in CBD manufacturing and processing technologies, 100% THC-free CBD is readily available in many different forms so you can create the products your customers will trust and enjoy.

THC-free CBD is important to our customers because:

  • Our customers demand the highest-quality CBD on the market
  • Our customers appreciate knowing our state of the art equipment always yields 100% THC-free products
  • Our customers turn to us for technical questions, proof of quality, and world-class processing technologies that produce the purest CBD.

How to Tell If a CBD Product is THC-Free

THC-free CBD is still an emerging and increasingly popular industry. That means many companies are sprouting up who want a piece of the action.

The unfortunate truth is that just because a company advertises a broad spectrum or THC-free product doesn't mean it's accurate. Disreputable companies may make unsubstantiated claims about their products' purity and quality to make a profit.

Remember, the legal standard for CBD manufacturers is to stay under 0.3% THC by weight. That means companies are legally allowed to claim "THC-free" as long as they don't exceed the federally-compliant limit of 0.3%.

To obtain the highest quality and most pure (i.e., 100% THC-free) CBD for your business, you'll want to do some due diligence and ensure that the manufacturer has a certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch of product they produce and distribute.

Only a COA from a vetted third-party lab will verify precisely how much THC is in the product. If the COA results reveal a "non-detectable" amount, then you know the product is certified THC-free.

Why Choose Hemp Corp THC-Free CBD?

Hemp Corp prides itself on superior production, manufacturing, and distribution services for the USA's hemp and CBD market. We have a dedicated team of technicians and scientists who work with our clients to create industry-leading THC-free hemp and CBD oil products.

We're able to claim non-detectable amounts of THC in our broad-spectrum CBD products because we have invested in costly, extensive, full-panel, third-party lab testing for every CBD batch of every product we manufacture.

By partnering with these testing laboratories across a full range of manufacturing services and raw ingredients, we can show lab test results verifying non-detectable levels of THC. We also use these important tests to ensure our products are free of heavy metals, pesticides, mold and bacteria, and more.

Plus, we manufacture only the purest CBD isolates — no mixing in MCT oil. Our pure CBD oils are the highest quality hemp extracts with only the desired compounds our customers want from carefully-selected industrial hemp plants.

Our clients rely on Hemp Corp to provide them with the highest quality CBD products, ingredients, materials, manufacturing services, and industry education they need to succeed in their CBD initiatives.

How Can THC-Free CBD Oil Be Used?

CBD is on track to becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, and new ways of using THC-free CBD are emerging every day.

Below is a list of many typical applications for CBD oil products:

  • THC-free CBD gummies, CBD chews, and CBD softgels
  • THC-free CBD oil tinctures
  • THC-free CBD topicals, creams, serums
  • THC-free CBD isolate products and distillates
  • THC-free CBD water solubles
  • THC-free vape oils and devices

Brands are now infusing THC-free CBD into all varieties of consumer packaged goods, edibles, and beverages and are readily available at health food stores, gyms, practitioner's offices, and more.

Premium THC-Free CBD in Bulk

Contact Hemp Corp today for all inquiries about wholesale THC-free CBD oil for sale. Hemp Corp also offers white label manufacturing services, which you can learn more about by completing a short product inquiry form, and our team will get back to you shortly.

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