Hemp Corp offers a variety of services based around hemp and CBD products. We value our commitment to providing excellent customer service and delivering high yielding services to bring you the high quality products.

Hemp Corp Currently Offers The Following Services

Extraction | Winterization & Decarboxylation | Distillation | THC Remediation | Isolation | Custom Formulation


There are a variety of extraction methods utilized in the hemp industry to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant material. Hemp Corp material is extracted using a variety of methods including, but not limited to: ethanol, CO2, and hydrocarbon.

Winterization & Decarboxylation

As one of the largest post-processors of hemp derivative extracts, Hemp Corp's winterization and decarboxylation services are an instrumental part in ensuring quality winterized and decarbed hemp crude oil. Our lab technicians are highly skilled in handling raw hemp crude oil derived from any method of extraction: ethanol, CO2, hydrocarbon, butane and more.


Hemp Corp prides itself on its large distillation capabilities. With the ability to produce hundreds of kilograms of full-spectrum distillate on a daily basis, Hemp Corp ensures it can meet the vast demand of its clients and customers with any distillation services and post full-spectrum distillate derivative products!

THC Remediation

Hemp Corp THC remediation services include the processing of THC-free broad spectrum distillate and compliant full-spectrum distillate below the legal limit of THC (<0.3%).


Hemp Corp's isolation services consist of the purification and crystallization of cannabidiol free of all other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids. Hemp Corp performs extensive full-panel, third party testing for all products.

Custom Formulation

Hemp Corp currently offers multiple services to provide our customers with a variety of products. Our custom formulation are

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Hemp Corp prides itself on superior production, manufacturing and distribution services for the hemp derived cannabinoid market. Our team of professional lab technicians and scientists work together with our clients to produce an industry standard of quality hemp and CBD products.
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