Hemp Corps' CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99%+ pure CBD. The crystallization process is the act of “isolating” a single cannabinoid by removing all oils, waxes, and other plant matter. CBD isolate is the main ingredient found in many of the industry's most recognizable CPG and CBD products.

Refined, Consistent & Pure

Our cannabinoid isolates are extracted and refined using industry leading standards to ensure the highest purity and consistency for every batch of CBD isolate. The isolation process starts with high percentage CBD biomass found naturally in the hemp plants we source. So, this allows our pure CBD crystals break down at a much higher temperature. CBD isolate manufactured from suppliers using low quality overseas industrial hemp with genetics based on fiber production, however, cannot achieve the same lab results. Therefore, our pure 99%+ CBD is perfect for baking, cooking, confections and various formulations requiring heat. Inferior produced isolate, however, will experience a loss rate of up to 25% during formulations.

Our strong molecular solution

Beginning with high potency CBD hemp plant material and our gentle refining process, we actively protect our CBD isolate molecules. This process does not damaged or weaken potency by any harsh solvents, chemicals, and grueling refining process. Our lab prides itself on producing these consistent and top quality results. So, our CBD isolate has a much longer shelf life, is molecularly superior and less susceptible to degradation from light and heat.


Hemp Corp was created to provide a centralized and dedicated business unit for our rapid expansion into the hemp market.

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