About Us

Hemp Corp is dedicated to providing you with high quality CBD and Hemp based wholesale products at affordable prices. In that same vein, Hemp Corp offers CBD Wholesale and Extraction for farmers, product manufacturers and more.

Our Story

Hemp Corp focuses on extraction of CBD, wholesale of industrial hemp, custom white-labeling services and solutions for international brands. In addition, we provide sales of extracted hemp products to the manufacturing and wholesale segments of the industrial hemp supply chain. Our lab produces CBD concentrated oils, distillates, and isolates directly for hemp derivative product makers and retailers. Most importantly, Hemp Corp offers investors consistent growth at a level deserving of their loyalty.

Therefore, Hemp Corp focuses on quantifiable returns through an unprecedented level of communication and leadership. Our clients and partners know that we deliver on this mission. Similarly, as Hemp Corp became an indispensable partner to the world’s most distinguished business owners, Hemp Corp is on target to do the same with the CBD industry. Likewise Hemp Corp is capitalizing on it's position as one of the most distinguished leaders in the CBD industry.

Our Mission

Capitalizing on our mergers and acquisitions background through Hemp Corp, Hemp Corp was created as a subsidiary of Hemp Corp. We aim to expand on our business in the hemp market with a specific focus on hemp and CBD extraction. Hemp Corp is making use of market data-driven analysis to capitalize on an industry expected to balloon to over $40 billion in the US and over $100 billion worldwide.

Our Place in the Industry

The hemp industry, in the past few years, is becoming the fastest growing industry in the United States. By 2022, the hemp-only CBD market is calculated to grow to $646 million before taking the Farm Bill’s enactment into account. Now, it will accelerate to $1.3B by 2022. Above all, CBD derived hemp is becoming more mainstream. Consequently, the industry is witnessing a seismic shift. As a result of this change of public opinion and regulatory policy there has consequently been a rapid expansion for the hemp and CBD industries.

Join us on this momentous journey